Thursday, February 11, 2010

"PEACE" the lamb

This is the story of a little lamb who was born and left out in the snow. It was a very exciting day for me, the city slicker, who, being in charge of feeding the animals at the Zerkel Farm, came across this poor tiny creature who's mother had no idea how to take care of him. I had been given instructions as to what to do "just in case" there were any lambs, but I never expected to be called upon to actually perform life saving maneuvers!

I did manage to get him and his airhead mother into the barn, but couldn't get them into the special protective pen together, so I thought I was leaving him to certain death, but LOOK, he is ALIVE! I am so happy. I named him "Peace" because I spoke the words "grace and peace" over him as I was trying to get his mother to notice him. And we all know that words have power. Yes, they do.

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